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  • Type Hard Coking Coal
  • Brand Name HCC
  • Ash Content (%) 0.5
  • Sulphur Content (%) 0.7
  • Volatile Matter (%) 26
  • Place of Origin mongolia

Hard Coking Coal, Low Mod. Val. 500, 000mt x 12 yrs contract. only suitable for direct steel mills and coke manufacturers in india, iran, and elsewhere need enquiry, traders and brokers stay away. as it is a strategic stock pile supply for steel mills and coke manufacturers who watch for their next 12 yrs planning, as india and iran has not enough of own country's supply of good quality coking coal. iron ore and coke need to be blast together to produce steel, unless you can invent new method coking coal has 4 hardness: hard, semi hard, semi soft and soft, the best is hard coking coal coking coal has 3 val.: high val, mid val, low val, the best is low val. origin: mongolia delivery to xingang, tianjin, china, price: platts austrlia fob hcc payment: LC from top 25 banks from europe and usa. specification if hard coking coal: moisture: 0.5 ash: 9.2 volatile matter: 26 total sulphur: 0.7 p: 0.09 free swelling indes(FSI): 8.5 caking index (G): 98 geiseler fluidity (ddm): 3755 max dilatation: 190 X: 16 Y: 29 base/acid ratio: 90 vitrinite: 90 romax: 1.35

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C

Packaging Details : bulk

Delivery Time : every 30 days

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Nipah Palm Leave

We are offering nipah plam leave for use in the rolling of indian's cheroots and cigar. These are popular product for use in the tobacco industries, it can creat new smoking peasure in vast india markets, the concept is the same as indian beedi, except it is of different smoking pleasure, in the vast indian market.
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We are offering clove.Indonesia spice: clove.
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Cassiavera Cinnamon

We are offering cassiavera cinnamon.Indonesia spice: cassiavera cinnamon.
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Construction Sand

  • Type construction sands
  • Brand Name construction sands
  • Application cement
we will reply to only india companies with import license for construction sands from malaysia, philippines, vietnam, etc.
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Apple IPhone X,

83,500 /Piece Get Latest Price

Apple;s iPhone X,   256G=USD1000. Apple's, Pre-Owned, Refurbised, Re-packed, only show used time when open up the iPhone X,   can sell as Brand New Export Set Only, with imec no, serial no, sealed, unlocked, sim free, and open to use worldwide carriier, ,   export set are without warranty,   1-1 exchange within 14 days. unlimted supply from factory,   this is a online business, there is no virtual shop to test and check, all payment full by TT in advance, delivery will be either by SingaporePost from Singapore. if buyers cannot accept full pre-payment business transaction, please do not enquiry and ask us to change our business term, no LC transactions. thanks.

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Betel Nut, Chalya

250.50 /Kilogram Get Latest Price
We are offering white betel nuts. chalya, Indonesia origin, split betel nut, we welcomce buyers in india's Gujarat and Maharashtra. thanks.
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Hibiscus Roselle

frozen hibiscus roselle,   can supply long term, let me know if you required other parts of the plant. like leaf, stem, etc.

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We are offering nutmeg.Inodnesia spice: nutmeg.
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Cosmetic/pharmaceutical Grade, MCT, Virgin Coconut Oil

2,755.50 /Kilogram Get Latest Price
  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Gram

Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical Grade, MCT, extra pure/virgin coconut oil, 1)medium chain triyglyceride, 2)odourless, 3)no greasy feeling, 4)does not stain, 5)do not become solid,   6)long shelf life,  

not for retail,

only for Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical Manufacturer that uses coconut oil as their base oil, example like manufacuring of Sunscreen lotion, Balm, Creams,   Oil base lotion for face, and etc.

coconut oil based Sunscreen Loiton is the the best main ingredient in the world, cheaper and irreplacable by other type of oils, for the protection of skin burn  which lead to skin cancer from prolong exposure under the sun's UV rays , more especially for white skin people who has less black pigment in their skin genelogy. darker skin tone people has less skin cancer from prolong exposure to the sun's UV ray, as their skin's black pigmentation is a natural inborn body immune system to protect the skin from skin's burn. the skin is the first layer of protection and cover 99% of the body except the eyes.

Arctic's cold weather and thin air has the strongest sun's UV, as well as in europe especially northern europe for most of the year, the sun's UV will burn the face skin without you notice it when exposure for long period of time under the sun, a UV protection face cream is neccessary as a pre-caution and protection for european's fair skin.

as a  Extra Boost altnernative for Pharmaceutical capsules manufacturing of Omega Fish Oil,   as coconut oil posses trace elements and minerals which other plant/fruit/nuts does not posesss.   also as  a cheaper oil as compare to other type of the more expensive oil. like Almond Nut oil, and etc


we are exporter, not manufacturer.


email:  bukitmimosa  AT  yahoo  DOT  com




toh seng kit (singapore)

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T,

Packaging Details : 100 grams in glass bottle vial/bottle as sample for manufacturer testing only, normal order in 180kg steel drum.

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Fresh Ginger

We are offering fresh ginger hot and potent spicy indonesia ginger.Hot and potent spicy fresh indonesia ginger, not china ginger which is not hot.If have bought myanmar and indonesia spicy ginger before, you know the different in their hotness and flavor, escpeically for curry dishes.
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Rosebay, Willowherb, Fireweed

1,252.50 /Kilogram Get Latest Price
we can offer rosebay, willowherb, fireweed. from Madagascar, if there are any enquiry, we can offer to you, thank you very much.
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Long Pepper, Piper Longum

835 /Kilogram Get Latest Price
long pepper, (piper longum), we can offer this product, Indonesia origin, and also mandagascar origin, please contact us if you are interested. thank you very much.
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