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Remote Control Ir Repeater, Usb Adapter (BD108)

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 10 Set(s)
  • Brand Name YZC

We are offering remote control ir repeater/ ir extender with 1 receiver & 8 emitters ( for 8 av devices & 1 display ) with dc12v power bd108. remote control ir repeater/ ir extender with 1 receiver & 8 emitters ( for 8 av devices & 1 display ) with dc12v power bd108 ir remote control repeater / extender bd108 thank you for purchasing this remote control ir extender/ ir repeater. We recommend that you read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. This model bd108 is used for extending ir signals of 8 electronics devices general remote control ir extender/ ir repeater ( transceiver ) is a product which amplifies the ir signal of your appliances. By connecting this repeater to your appliances, you may be able to conceal your appliances such as in your tv console or cabinet. there are 3 main parts in this repeater namely emitter, receiver & transceiver. the emitter is to be pasted on the ir point of your appliances while the receiver is placed in a position of which it communicate signal with your remote control. The transceiver box process signal received from the receiver and generate signals out to emitters which in turn to your players/ appliances. features high sensitivity - real time transmission without any delay with its high sensitivity sensor. cfl friendly - this unit can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting and work in most lighting environments remote indication light on ir receiver - green being power connected while flashing red indicates the signal is being sent. broad bandwidth - with this feature, it is compatible with almost all the electronics appliances in the market with its wide frequency range size - small & solid design low power - 12v dc, 30ma max installation ir receiver ( note: plasma displays emit ir frequencies during use and may cause interference. It is advised to distance the ir receiver from any plasma tv. Ability to control multiple appliances at various locations up to 10m. ) connect ir receiver to any of the 3.5mm ir ports on the ir transceiver box. If 2 or more ir receivers are connected, the distance between 2 ir receivers should not be less than 6 m to avoid interference. ( only 1 ir receiver for this model bd108 ) (note : maximum of 6 ir receivers can be connected to the 3 ports of 3.5mm jack ( on transceiver ) by using 3.5mm splitter cable 1 male to 2 female. Three 3.5mm splitter cables connect to transceiver to obtain 6 ports of 3.5mm ) remote control from the room is achievable if the av cable from tvs ( room ) is connected to the player/ appliance ( hall ). ( i.e sharing a player/ appliances to watch in different rooms ) see picture. ir emitters insert emitter cable to any of the emitter input ports on transceiver box. ( optional : maximum of 24 emitters can be connected to the 6 transceiver emitter input ports, using 4 emitters head per cable type ) ( 8 emitters head for this model bd108 ) stick the emitter near to the ir point of player/ appliances. Only one emitter head is applicable on each player/ appliance operate the remote control faces the ir receiver. Keep moving the ir emitter on player/ appliance to achieve best signal transmission. Stick the emitter to the point which produced the best signal. See picture. power supply ( 2 ways of power supply ) bd series - direct power using dc 12v/500m od 5.5mm id 2.1mm adaptor ( included) bu series - by connecting the ir transceiver box to player/ appliance via usb cable. Using the power of player/ appliance to power up the transceiver box or connects the transceiver to a usb dc 5v adaptor. ( not included ) technical specification receiving frequency range : 34 khz to 60khz emitting frequency range : 38 khz & 56khz receiving distance : 8 meter emitting distance : 100-200mm power consumption : 12vdc, 30ma max. dimension : ir receiver 31 (l) × 17 (w) × 13 (h)mm ir emitter 13 (l) × 8 (w) × 5.5 (h)mm ir transceiver box 90 (l) × 55 (w) × 26 (h) mm cable length : dc 12v adaptor cable 0.7m, ir receiver 1.5m, ir emitter 3m weight : ir receiver 30g ir emitter ( dual heads ) 25g x 4 ir transceiver box 140g 12vdc adaptor 80g frequently asked questions & remedies 1. How to locate the ir point on players/ appliances ? move the emitter around the surface of player until a signal is received from the remote control. Once a signal is received, paste the emitter on the particular point on the player. 2. Remote mul-function after installation ? check the battery of the remote control; red light blinks on ir receiver indicates that signal is being sent from remote control to ir receiver and ir receiver is in working condition. check the distance between the ir receiver & emitter. check if the emitter is pasted on the right position ( ir point of the player ) 3. Insensitivity of ir receiver ? check if the emitter is pasted on the right position ( ir point of the player ) change to usb 5v adaptor for power supply move the ir receiver away from the tv as there may be electrons interference from the tv. 4. Water marks, power noise and unclear picture after installation ? noise originated from the connections of tvs, players. Try cleaning with a dry cloth or with less alcohol. Reinstate power thereafter. network cable – please ensure that only quality full copper cat5e is used so as to regulate better image quality even if the distance is far. Inferior quality of cat5e will decrease the distance and av of the display. Connection of the cat5e head ( rj45) also affects the quality of the image and current noise. Ensure that cat5e is fully inserted to the transmitter/ repeater. 5. As long as the player/ appliance is on, any sub-tv ( rooms ) can be watch even if the main tv is off . ability to use the remote control in the room to control the player/ appliance in the hall. 6. Which remote control to use? use the remote control of the respective players/ appliances to manipulate the controls. packages 1. Ir transceiver box ( 1 piece ) 2. Ir receiver cable ( 1 piece with 1 receiver on cable ) 3 ir emitter cable ( 4 pieces with 2 emitters on each cable ) 4. Dc 12v adaptor ( 1 piece ) type of adaptor pin will be packed according to your requirement. 5. Instruction manual.

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